FREE Bible Prophecy Seminar Coming to Nashville, AR

Starts Friday, August 4, 2023 • 7:00pm

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“We were so concerned with recent events and the world we would bring our children up in, but now we have hope!” – Megan B.

“I now understand Bible Prophecy for the first time in my life and have hope for the future! Now I know the news behind the news headlines and it all makes sense. This seminar delivered on everything it promised and really was free. Don’t let anything keep you from attending. It will change your life!” – Brian T.

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August 4, 2023 • 7:00pm
Nashville Adventist Church
500 N. Main St.
Nashville, AR

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  • FREE Bible after 10 nights
  • FREE Strong’s Concordance after 15 nights
  • Future Topics Will Be Announced!

Meet Your Speaker

Speaker Tommy Blount will take you on an exciting multimedia adventure in Bible Prophecy during this seminar. Tommy holds a degree in theology and is an avid traveler, including trips to the Holy Land. You will enjoy his practical, “down to earth” insights from the Word of God, and particularly the Bible books of Daniel and Revelation, his favorites. Tommy’s pastoral heart, love and concern for people continually challenge him to share this presentation. We are excited to be able to hold this seminar series in the Nashville area.




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