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Begins Friday, November 12, 2021 – 7:30pml

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“We were so concerned with recent events and the world we would bring our children up in, but now we have hope!” – Megan

“I now understand Bible Prophecy for the first time in my life and have hope for the future! Now I know the news behind the news headlines and it all makes sense. This seminar delivered on everything it promised and really was free. Don’t let anything keep you from attending. It will change your life!” – Noel

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November 12, 2021, 7:30pm Central
Elmhurst, IL

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Due to unforeseen medical issues with our guest speaker, this in-person event has been cancelled. However, we will stream each episode online on our YouTube Channel. We apologize for the inconvenience and are hoping to reschedule these in-person presentations in the near future. Please keep Pastor Tim Roosenberg in prayer!

Meet Our Presenter

The headlines are unmistakable. Our world is on the precipice of extraordinary cataclysmic change. The conflict between two great world religions—Islam and Christianity—is fast approaching a devastating climax that will shake the whole world. Indeed, the face of Europe has already been transformed through rapid Islamic expansion, and the fear of terror and holy war pervade the world psyche as multiple conflicts rage in the Middle East.

But what happens next—and when? In an age of constant unpredictability, how can we really know what the future holds? Speaker and author Tim Roosenberg unveils a staggering new study of Bible prophecy that demonstrates that the Bible is not silent regarding Islam and other chaotic events in these last days.

“Islam and Christianity in Bible Prophecy” carefully explains the mysterious book of Daniel, specifically chapter 11, unveiling a thrilling picture of prophecy that has been accurate for 2500 years and explains the future roles of Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, and the United States in the final conflict ahead. Along the way, Pastor Roosenberg provides the answers you need to survive in this chaotic world, answers that will give you complete confidence in God’s Word and faith n the promises of Jesus Christ, and the promise of His Second Coming. Live God’s love not hate.

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